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Beware the Whistleblower: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

By Alan A. Cavaiola Ph.D.

Published by: Psychology Today

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Dr. Cavaiola is a Professor in the Department of Professional Counseling at Monmouth University where he is a member of the graduate faculty. Dr. Cavaiola is the former Clinical Director of the addictions treatment program at Monmouth Medical Center. He is a Licensed Psychologist, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. In addition to several journal publications, national and international conference presentations, Dr. Cavaiola has co-authored three books with Dr. Neil Lavender, Toxic Coworkers: How to Deal with Dysfunctional People on the Job, (New Harbinger Publications, 2000), The One Way Relationship Workbook (New Harbinger, 2011) and Impossible to Please (New Harbinger, 2013). He also has co-authored a textbook and casebook on crisis intervention entitled, A Practical Guide to Crisis Intervention, (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) and Crisis Intervention Case Book (Cengage, 2011).