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Beer, Basketball, and the Bahamas: Science Research Beyond Spring Break

Monmouth University’s School of Science is pleased to announce that it will hold its 13th annual Student Research Conference on Wednesday, April 16, in Wilson Hall from 2 to 5 p.m. during Undergraduate Research Week.

Student research projects include the following:

  • Software engineering students are conducting research to assist Kane Brewing Company, a new craft brewery located on the coast of New Jersey, in developing a system that would save the company time for inventory management and tax preparation.
  • Biology Students are researching carbon sequestration in the Bahamas among other projects.
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering students are developing a web based application called Hawk Talk that will facilitate the communication between coaches and various sports teams.
  • The conference highlights the results of applied research, independent study, and thesis projects being conducted by undergraduate and graduate students in the departments of biology, chemistry and physics, computer science and software engineering, and mathematics.  Students will present their work via poster presentations to their peers, interested faculty members, friends and family.

68 students will be presenting research on a total of 29 projects, covering a variety of topics including environmental chemistry, computational chemistry, marine life, neurobiology, mangrove ecosystems, male infertility, statistical analysis, and software development.

Michael A. Palladino, dean of the School of Science, will announce the winner of the Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research at 5 p.m. at a post conference barbeque in Erlanger Gardens.

For more information, contact the School of Science at 732-263-5143.