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Adjunct professor Sainvilus has published a children's workbook

Adjunct Professor Sainvilus Publishes “P.S. You’re Magic”

Patricia Sainvilus, adjunct professor in the department of Psychology, has written and published a children’s activity book, “P.S. You’re Magic.” The paperback volume, which is available through, is targeted to children ages three to seven, and includes activities such as tracing, writing, coloring, depicting emotions, identifying objects, reading, and reciting daily affirmations. Sainvilus was inspired to write the book as a response to losing her mother last April in the global pandemic.

“Grieving the loss of a loved one may be one of the most difficult experiences in a human’s life,” Sainvilus said. “What do you say to a person who has lost someone special? How do you move on after a loss? Do you ever move on? Will you ever feel okay again? What do you do with all the pain you feel?,” she asked.

“A silver lining that has come from this immense pain is the increased drive I have inside to make my mother proud. I find myself often thinking of ways to have higher purpose, to make a greater impact, and to continue to challenge myself. And through this constant brainstorming, came the creation of a little gem,” Sainvilus said of her own experience.

Sainvilus, who describes herself as a first-generation Haitian American and first-generation college graduate, hails from Asbury Park, New Jersey. She teaches on various topics including as introductory psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, adolescent psychology, developmental psychology, and more. She is passionate about mental health, education, cultural awareness, gender equality, and child/adolescent development. Her professional background also includes almost a decade in the pharmaceuticals and health care industries.

Cover of P.S. You're Magic Activity Book