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11/1/2016 – Campus Lockdown Updates

Update 11/2/16 1:05am

The University will be operating on a normal schedule for Wednesday November 2, 2016.


Update – 11:57pm

The weapon has been recovered and the lock down has been lifted. 

Update – 11:49pm

Search for evidence still in progress. Shelter in place on North Campus remains in place. All non-resident students and academic buildings may leave campus.

Update – 10:26pm

Suspect in recent campus event has been apprehended. We are requesting that lockdown be maintained as Police search for evidence. 

Update – 10:26pm

At approximately 9:20 PM, 2 students reported that a black male, approximately 6’3”, wearing a hooded black sweatshirt and stocking mask, and wearing a backpack pulled a handgun and demanded their cell phones. The girls turned and fled the scene. The suspect fled through the tunnel to the northside.

At this time the campus is in lockdown while Police search the area. It is recommended that students remain in lockdown until further notice. Those individuals who are off campus at this time are requested to remain off campus until further notice. 

Original Message – 9:52pm

This is an emergency notification from the Monmouth University Police Department. An incident has taken place, man seen with a gun, requiring you to immediately Shelter in Place if you are on campus. Please stay indoors and await further instructions. You will be advised of what actions to take. For further information, please contact the University webpage or call the Emergency/Weather Hotline at 732-263-5900. Do NOT call the University Police at 732-571-4444 unless you need an immediate police response or are reporting an emergency. You will be advised when the situation is clear.