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Learning And Outcomes

Student-Faculty Interaction


Are faculty members accessible and supportive?

52% of FY students say their faculty are available, helpful and sympathetic (Nationally: 52%).

How many students work on research projects with faculty?

By their senior year, 28% of students have done research with a faculty member (Nationally: 18%).

Do students receive prompt feedback on academic performance?

61% of FY students indicate that they frequently get prompt verbal or written feedback from faculty members (Nationally: 62%).

How often do students talk with advisors or faculty members about their career plans?

87% of seniors at least occasionally discuss career plans with faculty.4 (Nationally: 84%). 13% never talk with faculty members about career plans. (Nationally: 16%).

Do students and faculty members work together on committees and projects outside of course work?

47% of FY students at least occasionally spend time with faculty members on activities other than course work. (Nationally: 45%).


FY = First-Year Student

SR = Senior Student

1. “Substantial” emphasis is defined by combining the responses to values of “Very much” and “Quite a bit.”

2. “Frequently” is defined by combining the responses to values of “Very often” and “Often.”

3. “Strongly challenge” is defined by combining response values of “6” and “7” on a one-to-seven point scale where 1 is “Very little” and 7 is “Very much.”

4. “Occasionally” is defined by combining the responses to values of “Very often,” “Often,” and “Sometimes.”

The responses above were provided by 447 randomly selected Monmouth students on the 2012 NSSE survey.

Results for all students who responded to the 2012 NSSE respondents are presented in parentheses for comparison purposes.

Data source: National Survey of Student Engagement 2012