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Hawk Talks

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Event Details

April 24, 2019 | 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm | Pollak Theatre and Lobby

The Hawk Talks event will highlight the rich diversity of events offered during Student Scholarship Week by including student work from all academic disciplines, including graduate and undergraduate students, in one premier interdisciplinary event.

The event format will showcase student work through poster presentations and five-minute TED-talk style presentations.

Refreshments will be served.

Hawk Talks Speakers

Welcome Remarks
President Grey J. Dimenna

Master of Ceremonies
Kel Grant, Class of 2018 and Graduate Student, Communication

  • Megan N. Conchar, Senior, Psychology: Predictive Risk Factors of Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue in Veterinary Staff and Animal Rescue Workers
  • Adham M. Hasan, Senior, Health Studies: Informal alcohol risk reduction methods among Greek life
  • Kaitlyn R. Hirsch, Junior, Health Studies: Abortion and the Effects of its Associated Stigma
  • Denisse G. Quintanilla, Freshman, Spanish and Communication, and Michelle D. Iannelli, Junior, Spanish: La literatura y el arte para un mundo mejor
  • Max I. Sobrano, Senior, Business Management: Helping Students Meet Sports Industry Professionals and Get Internships & Jobs in the Sports Industry Through the Newly Created Sports Industry Club at Monmouth University
  • Marta Telatin, Senior, Biology MCP: Neuropharmacology of Alcohol-Stimulant Co-Use

Hawk Talks Poster Presentations

  • Kaitlin Allsopp, Senior, Political Science: Impediments to Proportional Representation for Women in American Politics
  • Gina A. Badlowski, Senior, Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy: Spatial analysis of water quality parameters in Hilo Bay, Hawai’i
  • Emily G. Blaser, Senior, Communication: The Depiction of #MeToo in Men’s and Women’s Magazines: Concurrences and Contrasts
  • Sean R. Capper, Senior, Computer Science: Spatial analysis of violent versus drug-related crime in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Emily J. Ciccolo, Sophomore, Homeland Security: Ranking New Jersey sporting and concert venues based on driving distance from police and EMS stations
  • Mary E. Emich, Junior, Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy: Mapping Suitable Shore Nesting Habitat for Migratory Birds in Sea Bright Beach, New Jersey
  • Thomas C. Engel, Junior, Marine and Environmental Biology & Policy: Mapping vulnerability of amphibian migrations during “Big Nights” in New Jersey
  • Joseph A. Fantozzi, Senior, Finance: Just Say Yes
  • Kelly N. Grant and Bryce Rose R. Petraccoro, Graduate Students, CPC: 2020 Vision: TEDxMonmouthUniversity
  • Paige N. Kaercher and Samuel C. Aydukovic, Psychology: The Effect of Expected Benefits on Young Adult Volunteering
  • Jarrett Kennedy, Senior, Homeland Security: Building a line-of-sight model for event security in Center City, Philadelphia
  • Mariah L. Laster and Tori R. Hart, Psychology: Emotions Predict Society’s Perspectives on Social Justice
  • Sydney N. Lucas, Senior, Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy: Lines of evidence for differences in water quality between the Shrewsbury and Navesink coastal waterways in New Jersey
  • Caitlin M. Mazzella, Junior, English Elementary Education: Hawaiian Language
  • Emma D. O’Rourke, Senior, Political Science: Environmental Stressors on Migration: Guatemala
  • Zachary M. Pereira, Senior, Social Work: Student Athlete’s Perception of a Sports Social Worker
  • Jenna C. Puglisi, Senior, English – Creative Writing: Elements of Nature: Poetry Project
  • Nathaniel J. Rodriguez, Junior, Mathematics: Heronian Polygons
  • Claudia E. Sanchez, Senior, Social Work; Priya Telidevara, Sophomore, Sociology; Andres A. Camacho, Sophomore, Communication: True Life: I Am a First Generation College Student
  • Brielle A. Sanders, Junior, Psychology: Power Perceived
  • Shevaitha T. Shyamalan, Junior, Biology: Analysis of Kombucha
  • Sebastian A. Vera, Senior, Biology MCP: Experimental Manipulations to study the effect of diet on aspects of body size
  • Michael C. Zarnowski, Junior, Homeland Security: Modeling travel cost based on terrain to strategically plan new border wall between the United States and Mexico

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