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Photo of Nguyen T. Pham

Nguyen Pham, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Marketing and International Business
Bey Hall 158

Nguyen Pham, Ph.D.

Dr. Nguyen (Win) Pham is Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business at Monmouth University. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Marketing from the W.P. Carey School of Business (Arizona State University), her MBA from Rutgers University, and her bachelor’s degree from Vietnam National University.

Her research is in marketing focusing on consumer behavior, which involves studying different psychological processes underlying consumers’ judgment and decision making. She has two primary streams of research: Food decision making & consumer well-being and Emotions and consumer-brand relationship. Her previous research has appeared in Yahoo! Health, Forbes, Huffington Post, Science Daily, etc.

Dr. Pham believes that education has the power to change and improve our lives. She consistently strives to provide students with knowledge and understanding that can be applied well beyond the walls of the classroom. Marketing is an applied field, which means that there are many opportunities for students to combine textbook concepts with real-world experiences, from both a consumer and a marketer perspective. Dr. Pham has taught different courses (both graduate and undergraduate levels such as Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Consumer Behavior, Food Marketing, Marketing Management, and Principles of Marketing.


Ph.D., Arizona State University

M.B.A, Rutgers University

B.S, Vietnam National University

Research Interests

Consumers’ judgment and decision making in the food domain, consumer and societal well-being, public policy, emotions, and branding.


Scholarly Articles

Pham, Nguyen, and Naomi Mandel (2019), What Influences Consumer Evaluation of Genetically Modified Foods?” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 38(2), 263-279

Pham, Nguyen, Maureen Morrin, and Melissa G. Bublitz (2019), “Flavor Halos and Consumer Perceptions of Food Healthfulness,” European Journal of Marketing, 53(4), 685-707.

Pham, Nguyen, Naomi Mandel, and Andrea C. Morales (2016), “Messages from the Food Police: How Food-related Warnings Backfire among Dieters,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 1(1), 175-190.

Refereed Conference Papers (* denotes presenter)

Pham, Nguyen*, Naomi Mandel, Andrea Morales (2015), “The Role of Reactance in One-sided Appeals: How Food-related Messages Backfire among Dieters,” competitive paper, 2015 Society for Consumer Psychology, Phoenix, USA.

Rank-Christman, Tracy*, Maureen Morrin, May O. Lwin, and Nguyen Pham (2014), “Ethical Mindsets and Moral Transgression Classification: When Cleansing Licenses Consumer Indulgence”, poster, 2014 Association for Consumer Research, Baltimore, USA.

Pham, Nguyen* and Naomi Mandel (2014) ,”Positive Affect At the Intersection of Two Cognitive Processes Magnifies the Second Process”, poster, 2014 Association for Consumer Research, Baltimore, USA.

Pham, Nguyen*, Maureen Morrin, May Lwin, Melissa Bublitz (2014) ,”Minty Fresh! Absolving Dieters of Their Consumption Sins”, competitive paper, 2014 Association for Consumer Research, Baltimore, USA.


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