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Michael Tarullo M.S.


Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics
Edison Science Building 378

Michael Tarullo M.S.


Michael Tarullo’s Alumni Profile


M.S., Monmouth University

B.S., New Jersey City University

Research Interests

Professor Tarullo’s primary interest lies in the teaching of geology. He is interested in the application of software engineering to the geological sciences for educational purposes and also for research. He also serves as a guide for educational and community groups visiting the Rowan University Fossil Park in Sewell, New Jersey.

Professor Tarullo is also actively involved in creating a high-quality collection of
rocks and fossils that can be used in the teaching of geology at Monmouth
University. He started the collection locally by collecting from locations in New Jersey but has since expanded the scope of the collection to locations he visits while traveling in the United States.

He is also interested in regional geology and developing a deeper understanding of the geologic history of various geologic regions of the United States, including the geology of New Jersey, the geology of the Colorado Plateau, and the geology of the Rocky Mountains.
Michael Tarullo photo montage 2016Upper Left: Professor Tarullo photographs cross bedding in a mass wasted boulder of the Navajo Sandstone in the summer of 2015. Zion National Park,

Right: On a field trip in fall 2014 with students from SC130 Professor Tarullo explains how New Jersey Triassic-Jurassic alluvial fan deposits represent
ancient arid climates. Pebble Bluffs, Milford, New Jersey.

Lower Left: Professor Tarullo describes the Triassic-Jurassic
development of the Newark Basin to Dr. Kayla Lewis (foreground) and her students in the School of Science Summer Research Program in 2015. Garrett Mountain, Paterson, New Jersey.