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Ken E. Mitchell, Ph.D.


Photo of Ken E. Mitchell

Ph.D., Oxford University

Bey Hall 244
Office Hours
Fall 2021- Tuesday, 3:00 - 4:00 pm, Thursday, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Courses this Semester
PS 101: Introduction to Political Science: Power and Globalization
Regularly Taught Courses
PS-101: Intro to Political Science
PS 275: Politics and Policy of Latin America
PS 281: International Relations
PS 398: Military Governments and Coups
S/ SO 360:Political Economy in the Developing World
PS 398: Nationalism
Research Interests

Latin American Politics and Political Economy, Globalization and Social Policy, Constitutional Change and Party System Development


Pesos or Plastic? Financial Inclusion, Taxation and Development in Latin America. Palgrave. 2019

State-Society Relations in Mexico, Ashgate Ltd: London. 2001

Scholarly Articles
  • “Will that be Cash or Credit? Payment Preferences and Rising VAT in Argentina,” Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. 42/1: 1-15. 2019. Taylor & Francis
  • “Old Malbec in New Bottles, The Return of Neoliberalism in Argentina” – Monthly Review (Monthly Review Press), June 69/2: 43-50. 2017.
  • “Don’t Cry for Argentina – It is Not 2001 Again” – co-authored with Robert Scott, Challenge, (M.E. Sharp) 57/6 Nov-Dec 2014: 1-15.
  • “Models of Clientelism and Policy Change: The Case of Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes in Mexico and Brazil” written with Aaron Ansell (Virginia Tech University), Bulletin of Latin American Research, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp.298-312.
  • “Democratization, External Exposure and State Food Distribution in the Dominican Republic” – Peer reviewed article, Bulletin of Latin American Research (BLAR), Vol.28, No. 2 (March) 2009
  • “Bridging the Convergence-Divergence Policy Diffusion Divide,Mid-range Theorizing and Devolving Food Aid in Mexico and the Dominican Republic” The Latin Americanist, Vol. 50, No. 2, Summer 2007, pp.59-82.
  • “Building State Capacity: Reforming Mexican State Food Aid Programs in the 1990s” Journal of Oxford Development Studies, November-December, Vol. 33, No. 3&4, 2005, pp.377-390