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Greg A. Moehring Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics
Edison Science Building 256

Greg A. Moehring Ph.D.



2011 – Present

2011- 2013

2006 – 2011

2006 – 2010

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chair of Chemistry, Medical Technology, and Physics

Monmouth University

West Long Branch, NJ 07764

Professor of Chemistry

Chair of Chemistry

Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Kingsville, TX 78363


2005 – 2006

2002 – 2004

1990 – 2005



Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Acting Chemistry Coordinator

University Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Governors State University

University Park, IL 60484


1989 – 1990


Assistant Professor of Chemistry

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Lafayette, LA 70504


1987 – 1988


Area Chemist

E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.

New Johnsonville, TN 37134




GS-5 Chemist

Naval Medical Research Institute

Bethesda, MD 20889



Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Purdue University


Scholarly Articles

Ortho-metalation, rotational isomerization, and hydride-hydride coupling at rhenium(V) polyhydride complexes stabilized by aromatic amine ligands.  Y. Jimeneza, A. M.  Strepkaa, M. D. Borgohainb, P. A. Hinojosab, and G. A. Moehring, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2009, 362, 3259-3266.

Hydrogen exchange of rhenium(VII) heptahydridobis(triphenylphosphine) with water, aniline, methanol, and itself.  J. A. Waziob, V. Jimenezb, S. Soparawallab, S. Johnb, and G. A. Moehring, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2009, 362, 159-165.

Structural Determination and Acidolysis Reactions of Ortho-Metalated Rhenium Tetrahydride Compounds Prepared from Reactions of ReH7(PPh3)2 with Benzylic Imines.  G. A. Moehring,C. C. Williamsa, J. Buforda, M. Kaviania, J. Sulkoa, andP. E. Fanwick, Inorg. Chem., 1998, 37, 3848-3852.

New Mixed Metal Polyhydride Compounds Containing the Ag2Re and Ag2Re2 Cores.  W. Conroya, T. Stewarta, and G. A. Moehring, Trans. Ill. State Acad. Sci., 1995, 88, 123-129.

aGraduate student coauthor

bUndergraduate student coauthor


Presentations/Invited Talks

Selected National Conference Presentations


Control charts of quantitative results.  G. A. Moehring and J. Luo, 23rd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, 2014.  (Podium)

Pseudorotational rearrangements of seven- or eight-coordinate rhenium centers supported by a nitrogen-donor ligand.  G. Mejia, A. Patel, V. Patel, H. Siebert, O. Menon, S. Rashid, H. Sodhi, D. Kosenkov, and G. A. Moehring, 246th ACS National Meeting, 2013.  (Poster)

Course-based approach to undergraduate research.  P. Fu-Giles and G. A. Moehring, 244th ACS National Meeting, 2012.  (Poster)

Intramolecular ligand exchange at chiral eight coordinate rhenium polyhydride complexes.  S. Dos Santos, G, Birudala, G. Mejia, A. Patel, and G. A. Moehring, 244th ACS National Meeting, 2012.  (Poster)

Selected Regional and Local Conference Presentations


Dynamic NMR Characterization of the Fluxional Rearrangement at an Eight-Coordinate Metal Center.  H. Siebert, H. Sodhi, and G. A. Moehring, 51st Eastern Analytical Symposium, 2013.  (Poster)

Pseudorotational rearrangement of ligands at a rhenium(V) pentahydride complex as opposed to simple rotation about a single Re-N bond.  G. Birudala and G. A. Moehring, 43rd ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, 2012.  (Podium)


Selected Student Presentations


Synthesis of a ligand-bridged bimetallic teeter totter compound to prepare a more efficient catalyst.  H. Siebert, Spring 2014 Monmouth University Honors School Research Conference, 2014.  (Jane Freed Award for an Outstanding Honors School Thesis)  (podium)

Synthesis of a Ligand Bridged Bimetallic Teeter Totter Compound to Prepare a More Efficient Catalyst.  H. Siebert and G. Moehring, 2014 Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference, 2014. (poster)





Departmental Grant (2009-2012) and Department Grant Renewals (2007 and 2008).  G. A. Moehring, Robert A. Welch Foundation (#AC-0006).


TAMUK STEP, a Model for Student Success and Persistence.  K. John, A. A. Pilehvari, B. R. Garcia, J. L. Chisholm, and G. A. Moehring (replacement co-PI in year three), NSF-STEP (#0525496), 2005-2011.


Center for Remote FT-NMR Instruction.  G. A. Moehring, Higher Education Cooperation Act – Illinois Virtual Campus Program, 2000.

A Regional WWW-Based FT-NMR for Chemistry Curriculum Improvements.  G. A. Moehring, S. Kumar, S. Diab, J. Selbka, S.-O. Park, J. B. Addison, and K. D’Arcy, National Science Foundation – Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program (# 9950554), 1999.  This grant received a $128,000 match from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Additional Information

National Exam


IN15 – B. A. Resiner, A. de-Bettencourt-Dias, C.
Nataro, G. Miessler, G. G. Stanley, G. A. Moehring, J. L. Crane, K. J.
Franz, L. L. Pesterfield, R. A. Stockland, Jr., R. T. Macaluso, S. G.
Sobel, and S. R. Smith, ACS Exams Institute,