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Gloria Brown Simmons, M.S.


Gloria Brown Simmons, MS

M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MFA, University of California Los Angeles

B.A., Fisk University

Edison Hall 242
Courses this Semester
PH150 Principles of Astronomy
Regularly Taught Courses
PH150 Principles of Astronomy
Research Interests

Scientific visualization of Earth and planetary data; image
processing and simulation of astrophysical data; immersive geophysical
environments; massive multiplayer online games for climate change mitigation; science,
technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) K-16 education; art,
science, and technology (AST); Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the
Environment (GLOBE).

Professional Associations

Member of the Planetary Society, the Mars Society, Women in Planetary Science, Astronomers Without Borders, and the Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (ACM/SIGGRAPH/Pioneer).