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Douglas Collier, Douglas Collier, Director of Professional Outreach, Criminal Justice

Douglas Collier, M.A., DEA (Ret.)

  • Director of Professional Outreach and Engagement
  • Adjunct Professor

Department: Criminal Justice

Office: Edison Science Building 341

Phone: 732-263-5313


In April 1987, Douglas S. Collier started his federal career with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In November 1990, Collier accepted an appointment as a special agent with the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Washington, D.C. His first duty assignment was in the New York Field Division and he subsequently worked in DEA offices in Atlantic City, Paterson, and Newark. As a special agent, Collier conducted voluminous investigations targeting international heroin and cocaine networks, money launderers, and organizations involved in trafficking steroids and other dangerous drugs. Due to Collier’s breadth of experience, he was selected in 2000 for a temporary assignment to the DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia, to assist in the training of newly hired DEA agents.

In 2001, Collier was chosen as the division training coordinator and was responsible for the training needs of DEA personnel as well as providing drug-related training to the numerous law enforcement agencies in New Jersey. Collier was instrumental in creating the Drug Commander Leadership course.

In 2002, Collier was reassigned as the demand reduction coordinator. In this capacity, Collier was responsible for the DEA’s drug prevention and education efforts throughout New Jersey. He successfully forged relationships with the state’s prevention and treatment partners and was instrumental in formulating several innovative drug prevention training programs that have been adopted by numerous substance abuse organizations. Shortly thereafter, Collier served as the DEA’s public information officer where he developed channels of communication and implemented public information programs to ensure that the public and the media were aware of the DEA’s objectives, programs, goals, and accomplishments. Collier was featured in several national television shows such as MSNBC’s Heroin Inc. and the Discovery Channel’s Heroin Nation. In addition, Collier was the DEA’s New Jersey Division Producer for the Spike TV show titled DEA.

In 2013, Collier accepted a position with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law and Public Safety, as the drug initiative coordinator with the Division of Consumer Affairs. As the drug initiative coordinator, he devised new programs and initiatives to combat drug abuse and the diversion of prescription and designer drugs. Collier also had a special focus on efforts to enhance the security of controlled dangerous substances within the medical community, including pharmacy security and the security of New Jersey prescription blanks. Collier also conducted numerous educational and awareness programs to the New Jersey medical community regarding the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program and opioid prescribing. He managed the Project Medicine Drop program with law enforcement officers around the state and conducted outreach programs to increase the public’s awareness regarding substance abuse.

In 2014, Collier was selected to work with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice, Prosecutor Supervision and Training Bureau, and was one of the architects in developing the statewide Community Law Enforcement Affirmative Relations Continuing Education Institute. In addition, Collier was assigned as the liaison officer for all federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies throughout New Jersey, endorsing New Jersey attorney general initiatives. Furthermore, Collier was sworn in as a special state investigator in support of conducting field inspections within the New Jersey Prosecutor’s Offices throughout the state.

Collier united with Monmouth University’s Department of Criminal Justice in 2018, serving as the director of professional outreach and engagement, as well as teaching in the graduate program. His role entails developing and promoting the graduate program among practitioners and executive leaders throughout the criminal justice field. Additionally, Collier is one of the graduate program subject matter experts teaching and enhancing the program with a special focus on federal, state, and international global studies in criminal justice.

Collier holds a bachelor’s degree from National College and has earned a master’s degree from Monmouth University. He is also a State of New Jersey Police Training Commission (PTC) certified instructor and professor and has testified as an expert witness regarding international and domestic drug investigations. Collier is a member of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police, and an associate academic member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).


M.A., Monmouth University

B.A., National College


Recently Taught Classes

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2023 Summer B

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Frequently Taught Classes

  • Professionalism in Criminal Justice (CJ 575)
  • Seminar: Ethics, Law, and Society (CJ 545)