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Photo of Anna Sadovnikova

Anna Sadovnikova, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Marketing and International Business
Bey Hall 252

Anna Sadovnikova, Ph.D.

Dr. Anna Sadovnikova, who joined Monmouth University in the Fall 2020, has taught various courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, such as Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Business, Business Strategy, and International Business.

Her research focuses on themes and issues that are important for managers and have implications for theory and practice, like marketing strategy and marketing-finance interface, innovation and new product development, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Her research has appeared in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies, and Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management, among others.

Before joining academia, Dr. Sadovnikova worked in marketing positions for several international companies for about ten years.


Ph.D. , McMaster University, Canada


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Managerial Marketing (BK 459)
  • Marketing Management (BK 614)
  • Principles of Marketing (BK 250)

Recently Taught Classes

2022 Summer E

2022 Spring

  • International Marketing Management - BK 650
  • Principles of Marketing - BK 250

2021 Fall

  • Marketing Management - BK 614
  • Principles of Marketing - BK 250

2021 Summer E

2021 Spring

2020 Fall

  • Marketing Management - BK 614
  • Principles of Marketing - BK 250