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Alison M. Maginn Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director, Study Abroad program in Cadiz, Spain

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Plangere Center 128
Personal Site
Office Hours

On Sabbatical leave Spring 2018

Regularly Taught Courses
FS 201 Intermediate Spanish I
FS 202 Intermediate Spanish II
FS 300A Advanced Spanish Conversation and Oral Review
FS 301 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
FS 309 The Culture and Civilization of Spain
FS 403 Spanish Literature of the 18th and 19th Centuries
FS 404 Spanish Literature of the 20th Century
FS 409 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Stylistics
FS 415 The Literature and Culture of Post-Franco Spain
Research Interests


Spanish history and art history

18th Century through 21st Century Spanish literature

Spanish film and cultural studies


Scholarly Articles

Dr. Maginn has published in AIH/University of Birmingham​,Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Ciberletras, Letras femeninas, Siglo XXI, on issues related to female subjectivity; the intersection of postfrancoism and postmodernism; the transgressive drive of contemporary genre literature such as detective narrative, fantasy and female erotica.

Current work in progress and recent conference presentations have dealt with issues of memory and the Spanish Civil War; contemporary Spanish film and the radical force of street theatre and the carnivalesque.