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Scott A Jeffrey, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD, University of Chicago

MBA, Santa Clara University

BSC, Santa Clara University

Office: Bey Hall, Room 255

Phone: 732-263-5519


CV URL: Scott Jeffrey CV

Regularly Taught Courses:

Decision Making Under Uncertainty BK/BM 498


Dr. Jeffrey joined Monmouth University in September of 2009 and is teaching courses in organizational behavior and management. Prior to coming to Monmouth University, he taught organizational behavior and behavioral decision making at the University of Waterloo in southern Ontario, Canada. His current research interests revolve around the use of incentives in organizations, both for employees and for customers. In particular, he is interested in tangible incentives; high-end merchandise and travel. His most current project is leading up a research team exploring the motivational events industry.

Dr. Jeffrey also has extensive industry experience, having worked for 11 years in California's Silicon Valley prior to returning to the University of Chicago for his PhD in 1997. While at the University of Chicago he also did HR and strategic management consulting, as well as helping to develop online course content.

Selected Works:

Scholarly Articles:

Webb, Alan, Jeffrey, Scott A., and Schulz, Axel. In Press. Factors affecting goal difficulty and performance when employees select their own goal: Evidence from the field, Journal of Management Accounting Research, forthcoming

Jeffrey, Scott A., and Adomdza, Gordon K. In press. Incentive salience and improved performance. Human Performance, forthcoming.

Jeffrey, Scott A., Schulz, Axel, and Webb, Alan. In press. The performance effects of an ability-based approach to goal assignment. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, forthcoming.

Maxwell, Andrew, Jeffrey, Scott A., and Levesque, Moren. 2009. "Business angel earlystage decision making," Journal of Business Venturing, forthcoming.

Jeffrey, Scott A., Onay, Selcuk, & Larrick Richard P. 2009. "Goal attainment as a resource: The cushion effect in risky choice above a goal." Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, forthcoming.

Jeffrey, Scott A. 2009. "Justifiability and the Motivational Power of Tangible Non-Cash Incentives." Human Performance, 22(2), 143-155.