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  • Criminal Justice (M.A.)

    Develop the critical-thinking and research skills necessary for problem solving and policy making in the criminal justice field. Core courses in the general track focus on theories of criminal offending, the legal system, ethics and society, and using state-of-the-art technology to analyze data. Build upon this foundation with the one of four pertinent tracks—Community-Law Enforcement Relations Track, Intelligence Analyst Track, Homeland Security Track, or Leadership Track—that will provide students with the tools to understand the issues facing our society and develop policy to address those issues.

  • Anthropology (M.A.)

    Combine classroom learning with exciting fieldwork opportunities to gain a foundational knowledge of the world’s cultures and people as you prepare for a career in a large number of fields where cross-cultural concerns are important — from education to research and business to public health. In addition to studying with experienced and well-published faculty, you will conduct original research in cultural anthropology, cultural resource management, historic preservation, and more. You will benefit from both valuable experience and expert training in archaeological and ethnographic methods, as well as other qualitative tools relevant for a successful career in this field.

  • Criminal Justice

    Discover the patterns and motives of criminal behavior with a combination of academic theory and hands-on experience. You will study topics like behavioral science and cyber security while exploring the nature and history of the criminal justice system. As an undergraduate, you will have the opportunity to complete an internship with police departments, prosecutors’ offices, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Department of Justice, and more.

  • English (M.A.)

    A Master of Arts degree in English can open up opportunities of all kinds. Whether you are looking ahead to a career as a writer or publisher, content marketer, or you would like to teach at the college level, earning an M.A. in English can increase your chances in a highly competitive job market, help you qualify for a specific role, and give you a skill set employers are seeking. In our M.A. in English program, you’ll hone your craft through multiple concentration options, including Creative Writing, Literature, and Rhetoric and Writing. In addition to completing a thesis or manuscript, you will gain essential tools for entering the job market by completing internships, creating conference proposals, preparing scholarly or literary works for publication, and more. Apply your skills to virtually any field, including communications, college teaching, digital humanities, business, research, government, human resources, and more.

  • Spanish

    Achieve linguistic and cultural proficiency while becoming confident in local, national, and international markets. Explore the history and culture of the Hispanic world through the study of literature, media, linguistics, business, and more. Gain versatile communication skills required for careers in areas such as education, translation, law, medicine, and media around the world. 

  • Sociology

    Whether you want to enter the realms of academia, business, or law enforcement, the opportunities for B.A. in Sociology holders are as varied as they are numerous. In the pursuit of your degree, you will learn the ways in which people interact, and how that interaction affects behavior, belief systems, and choices. With a B.A. in Sociology, your career choices will include social, nonprofit, and research organizations; private companies; social services; and government agencies.

  • Psychology

    Develop your skills in scientific reasoning and writing as you study the mind and behavior from multiple perspectives. Discover the scientist within by assisting professors in one of many psychology labs, traveling to present at conferences, and completing your own thesis project. Experience a unique class in animal training taught at Six Flags Wild Safari. Discover your passion in internships ranging from school counseling, clinical psychology, human resources, and market research for broadcasters like MTV.

  • Political Science

    Delve into the legal and political landscape through internships, service learning, model United Nations, mock trial, and policy debate. Student may travel nationally or internationally, or spend a semester in the nation’s capital with the Washington Center Program. Prepare yourself for a law school or a career in policy advocacy, municipal government, campaigns, or international relations.

  • Music

    Whether you aspire to be a performer, a teacher, or a music industry executive, earning a B.A. in Music will prepare you to pursue a variety of professions in your field of passion. Choose from a B.A. in Music, a B.A. in Music with a concentration in Music Industry, or a B.A. in Music and Education. Regardless of your area, you will gain the specific knowledge and skills in music you are seeking, as well as a strong foundational education in the liberal arts.  

  • Homeland Security

    Build a foundational knowledge of justice and equality while learning to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and help a nation recover from homeland security threats. Explore hazards including adversarial, natural, and technological/accidental. Through an in-depth research project, you will explore and analyze practical and theoretical problems to recommend changes and solutions.