The Department of Art & Design, ArtNOW, and The Center for Entrepreneurship have teamed to fund and oversee the Monmouth University Mural Project. The Project invites Monmouth student artists and artists teams (comprised of 2-4 students) to submit proposals for the creation of a series of murals to be executed on the Monmouth University campus. Students may be from any department within the University.

The Department of Art and Design is a community of artists creating dynamic learning environments in and outside of the classroom. Within our intimate learning environment, the faculty members of the Department of Art and Design at Monmouth University work together to offer an innovative curriculum in Animation, Graphic and Interactive Design, Interactive Media, Photography, Studio Art, and Art History.

ArtNOW: Performance, Art, and Technology
ArtNOW, a visiting artist series, transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and embraces provocative works that challenge what we know and what we think we know. It fosters experiential conversations and art-making between contemporary artists who work with emergent creative practices, students, and the broader community.

The Center for Entrepreneurship
We incubate and accelerate entrepreneurs pushing New Jersey and the world forward. Our mission is to help the Monmouth University and regional startup communities tap into and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. We offer one-on-one coaching, mentorship, business-building resources and learning opportunities, to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and make a positive impact on society.

The Monmouth University Mural Project was initiated under the direction of Prof. Mike Richison, Graphic Design. This Call for Art represents the second iteration of the Project and will result in five individual, adjacent murals. While each mural will be unique, the five will be united by the common theme: The Future is Collaborative. The murals will be in place for a long-term, temporary duration of approximately two years.

Located in the 600 Building courtyard, the overall mural wall is 5.75’ x 40’ (h x w). The wall will be divided into five sections for this project, with each section measuring 5.75’ x 8’ (h x w). One artist or artist team (comprised of 2-4 students) will be selected for each section of the wall; in total, five artists or artist teams will be selected for the overall project.

The overall theme for the project will be that of ArtNOW’s 2023-24 season: The Future is Collaborative. This theme should be incorporated into the overall concept and imagery of each artist’s/artist team’s proposal. Interpretations of the theme might include, but are not limited to: collaboration through the bringing together of diverse voices; solving problems collaboratively; futuristic abstracted designs; futuristic representational designs; designs envisioning a more collaborative future.

The mural wall is located on the Monmouth University campus, in the 600 Building courtyard, just outside the Painting and Drawing Studio (AW2). This is an exterior location, open to the elements.

The call is open to all students enrolled in Monmouth University during spring semester, 2024.

A review committee composed of Monmouth University faculty and, potentially, art professionals from outside of the University, will select awardees from submissions. Selections will be based upon artistic merit, and quality and completeness of proposal.

Each wall section will have a total project budget of $300. The stipend for each section will be awarded to one artist, or artist team, and is inclusive of all design fees, materials, and fabrication expenses. The intent is that the budget will allow those selected to purchase materials to be expended on the mural, as well to invest in tools to be used both on the mural and on future projects (brushes, for example).

Applicants must attend an information session. Project proposal requirements will be reviewed at this time. Artists awarded mural commissions will develop a timeline for the production of their mural to be submitted to Prof. Susan Meyer by Friday, February 16, 2023. Artists awarded commissions will be responsible for the design and fabrication their work, and for purchasing and transporting the necessary materials to the site. Artists/artist teams are responsible for completion of mural and all clean-up associated with the project.

In accordance with common public art standards, Monmouth will not present artwork that includes nudity, overt political references, provocative language, violence and natural or human-made disaster imagery.

Due to the exterior location and for cost reasons, house paint is considered the appropriate medium, though wheat-paste or other forms of mural production will be considered.

January 30, 7pm – Zoom Session
January 31, 2:45 – In-Person Session, Rechnitz 305

Friday, February 16 – Deadline for Receipt of Proposals


  • Project Proposal Abstract: project title, name/s and contact information of participating artist/s, 2-3 sentence project description
  • Project Proposal Narrative (approx. 200-300 words) to include description of imagery and explanation of its relationship to the theme: The Future is Collaborative
  • Project Proposal Image
  • Project Proposal Budget

All documents should be combined into one pdf document, titled: Last Name_First Name_Mural_Proposal_2024, and emailed or dropped off to Prof. Susan Meyer,, Rechnitz 304.


January (classes begin Jan 16):
Advertise Call/Information Sessions
Information Sessions:
January 30, 7pm – Zoom Session
January 31, 2:45 – In-Person Session, Rechnitz 305

Friday, February 16 – Deadline for Receipt of Proposals
Late February – Calls Juried
Thursday, February 29 – Students Notified

March (spring break March 9 – 15):
Painting begins after spring break

April (April 22 classes end):
Painting to be completed one week before student scholarship week (April 17 – 23, in 2023).

Prof. Susan Meyer,, Rechnitz 304