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What's Your Favorite Spot on Campus?

Perhaps it was a quiet place to which you retreated to study, or someplace you knew you would always bump into friends and classmates. Regardless, we want to know where your favorite place on Monmouth’s campus is (or was) and why it will always be special to you. Write us at the address above or email us at

What's Your Favorite Hawks Sports Memory?

If you’re anything like us, you miss watching your favorite Hawks teams and players something fierce right about now. As we patiently await their return to play, help us relive the glory days by telling us about the memorable moments in Hawks sports history you’ll never forget. Whether you’re a fan or were a part of the action, send your stories and any photos you have to

What Are Your Favorite Beach Memories?

Being less than a mile to the beach is one of the major draws for students at Monmouth. Whether it was studying in your favorite spot, enjoying time with friends, or just relaxing by the sand, what are some of your fondest memories about the Jersey Shore’s many sights, sounds, and attractions? Send your stories and photos to

A collage featuring various hangouts on or near Monmouth's campus, like Brighton Bar, Num's, Windmill, Inkwell, Laff-Inn Saloon and The Tides Cafe

College Hangouts

For generations of students, the West End and its environs have served as an extension of campus, offering places to grab a bite, catch a show, or just relax with friends. Where was your favorite hangout in college? Send your stories and photos to or to the address above.

College Jobs

Whether you washed dishes in the cafeteria, shelved books in the Guggenheim Memorial Library, or waited tables at The Inkwell, we want to hear how you earned spending cash during your college years. Send us stories about your college jobs, along with any photos or artifacts you still have, to

Words of Wisdom

What advice would you give to your Monmouth self?

Imagine you could travel back in time for a candid conversation with college-aged you. What sage advice or constructive criticism would you share with your younger self? Maybe to study more (or less). To not fear failure. To ditch the mullet. Share your snippets of personal wisdom with readers by writing us at We’ll include the responses in the next issue of Monmouth magazine.

A Stack of the Summer 2017 Issue of Monmouth Magazine, with President Grey Dimenna featured on the cover

Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

When Grey Dimenna returned to serve as Monmouth’s president in February 2017, he made it clear his tenure would have a fixed endpoint, lasting only until the University completed a national search and hired his replacement. The announcement that Patrick F. Leahy will serve as Monmouth’s 10th president beginning Aug. 1 puts that endpoint in sight. Dimenna’s impact on the University has been extraordinary, perhaps nowhere more so than in the personal connections he has made with Monmouth alumni, friends, employees, and students.

As the University community prepares to say goodbye to its ninth president, we invite you to share your favorite Dimenna-related memories and anecdotes by writing us at

Are you experienced?

Learning doesn’t end at the classroom door. Monmouth students build real-world skills through experiential learning opportunities such as internships, practicums, clinical experiences, and a host of other out-of-class activities. We want to hear about the hands-on learning experiences you had as a student. Share your story by writing us at

Send your college road trips stories to

Share your road trip stories!

Remember the days when you could hop in your roommate’s car and just go? Maybe you hit the slopes for a weekend or headed south for Spring Break. Maybe you went wherever the open road took you. Regardless, Monmouth magazine wants to hear about the ride. Send stories about the road trips you took in college, along with any photos or artifacts you still have from your adventures, to or to Monmouth Magazine, Monmouth University, Alumni House, 400 Cedar Ave., West Long Branch, NJ 07764.

The Genius Wows Monmouth

In November 1967, Ray Charles performed for more than 3,000 people inside the then newly opened Boylan Gymnasium. As the Asbury Park Press reported, Charles transformed “that big, cold, stadium-type room into a hothouse of exuberant rhythm,” fielding questions from the audience, sharing stories about his upbringing, and even meeting backstage with a fan who brought his blind son to the show. Monmouth has hosted some amazing musical acts through the years— from Billy Joel to The Four Seasons to Sammy Davis Jr. (not to mention some guy named Bruce Springsteen on more than one occasion). Send us your favorite campus concert memory—and share any artifacts you still have, from pictures to ticket stubs—by writing us at

What do you love about Monmouth University?

Was there a class, or professor, or experience you had here that changed your life? A secret spot on campus where you found respite, or a favorite tradition you still hold dear? We’re asking readers to share all the things they love about Monmouth for an upcoming article. Send your story, along with any photos or artifacts you have, to or the address above, or share it on social media with the hashtag #MonmouthUMag.