In November, the Center for the Arts in partnership with Department of Music and Theatre Arts Adjunct Professor Ekaterina Bronshteyn hosted one of four masterclasses scheduled this year with her dance students. The masterclasses are meant to broaden Monmouth students’ knowledge of the discipline and skills outside of the classroom and allow them to work with distinguished, professional dancers and choreographers.

This masterclass was taught by acclaimed choreographer and storyteller Carolyn Dorfman, the founder of Carolyn Dorfman Dance, whose company will be performing their piece The Legacy Project: A Dance of Hope at the Pollak Theatre on February 25. Bronshteyn, says Carolyn Dorfman “brought a unique experience” of dance to her students. It was Carolyn’s second masterclass of the semester. Classes were hosted in the Woods Theatre building and at the DiMattio Gallery. Bronshteyn says the gallery was a perfect venue for the class, where paintings by Sheba Sharrow were on exhibit to portray “human suffering, struggle and liberation.” The space engaged students beyond the choreography, challenging them to think about the art within their dance space.

Bronshteyn says the Center for the Arts will sponsor two more masterclasses during the Spring 2018 semester, in partnership with the American Repertory Ballet. The first class will welcome guest Aydmara Cabrera, and will be held on February 6th. The second masterclass will be with Douglas Martin, and is slated for March 23rd.