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Past Event

Adult Education Series

Climate Crisis: What Can We Do? An Earth Day Lecture

Join us for a very special Adult Education Series Earth Day lecture with Heide Estes introducing the topic of Climate Crisis: What Can We Do?

Climate crisis is real, and is constantly in the news, and triggers climate grief and climate anxiety. We need to take action, and fast … but how? We need change at all levels: individual, corporate, and governmental, and this lecture will provide strategies for how to engage in all three areas. You will learn about the importance of talking about climate with friends and family members, voting with climate change in mind, and disinvesting from fossil fuels — via your retirement fund, your workplace, anywhere you have influence. You will find out about ways you can change your diet, your home, and your transportation to lower your own carbon footprint, and provide an example to those people you’re talking with. You will learn about resources you can use to get educated, and to stay up to date with the latest developments. The important thing: do something, not nothing.

Free and open to the public, but registration is required. When you register you will be provided the meeting link to join the conversation.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? – Register for Prof. Estes extended three-session Adult Education Course Climate Crisis: What Can We Do? for a deeper dive in to the topic. More here: