Monmouth University’s Pollak Theatre opened its doors October 19th to give students from local elementary schools a special performance. The Center for the Arts hosted The Three Pigettes and the Big Bad Lady Wolf , a bilingual show that puts a twist on the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs . The show was part of the Children’s Theatre Series.

The production, narrated by Mama Piggy, is a bilingual adaption that exposes audience members to both English and Spanish language in theatre. It’s an interactive show that stars a vegetarian wolf, and the three little pigs that audiences know and love. Students at the show were able to join in the fun, as the Three Pigettes brought them on an unforgettable adventure. The production even featured Salsa and Latin music, to tie in with the bilingual nature of the production.

During the event, students were treated to a question-and-answer session with the show’s director. It was a special morning that brought kids out of the classroom and into the theatre, for a fun day focused on the arts.