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Past Event

Adult Education Series

Songwriting: Unlocking Your Creativity

Class Schedule: Thursdays – April 1, 8 and 15 | 7:30 – 9:00 PM

This three session virtual course, taught by Jay Sweet, provides participants with techniques to help give directions and creative elements that will help unlock the potential of active and aspiring songwriters. The workshop will also provide a supportive outlet for those songwriters looking to share their works for evaluation or for those looking to learn from others’ processes.

Instructor: Jay Sweet is a Professor of Music who has produced several pieces for television and radio. He is also the proud owner and director of Sweet Music Academy, where he has helped to train hundreds of musicians.Whether you are a hobbyist or someone looking to pursue a career in songwriting, this course will help you find new avenues and directions to enhance your craft. For those who wish to do so, there will also be opportunities for students to share their songs in a workshop setting.

Throughout the course, Sweet will provide examples and analysis of songs, techniques, and creative concepts that will be presented. Over the three weeks, we will discuss the process of developing and recording a song and the many different avenues that can be taken to make your music polished and presentable.

Zoom link will be provided upon registration.