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KISS THE SKY -The Jimi Hendrix RE-Experience

Saluting the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with tributes to Jimi Hendrix and Santana!

Rolling Stone Magazine Says: “Yes believe the hype! This show lives up to it!”

KISS THE SKY is the #1 Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show. They return to Monmouth Center For The Arts Pollak Theatre to recreate Hendrix’s famed set at Woodstock for the 50th anniversary year of the legendary concert. Garnering rave reviews and playing to sold out festivals and venues in 2019, Kiss The Sky’s recreation set features replica wardrobe, gear and set list exact to the performance that Jimi Hendrix and his Gypsy Sun and Rainbows gave at Woodstock in 1969. Playing the part of Jimi Hendrix is left handed guitar virtuoso and the longest running Hendrix tribute artist Jimy Bleu. Bleu executes all of Hendrix’s legendary stage moves so well that he has toured with Hendrix bass player Billy Cox.

SANTANA AMIGOS is the only “WOODSTOCK ERA” Tribute dedicated to the ground breaking band SANTANA when they exploded onto the late 1960’s scene as a multi-cultural, Latin based rock fusion band fronted by the Guitar God.. Carlos Santana.

SANTANA AMIGOS features guitar phenom, “The Angel” Euriel Marrero on guitar as Carlos Santana…The tribute band has re-created this formation of SANTANA with musicians that look and perform just like SANTANA during the groundbreaking era… dressed with replica wardrobe from their famous show at Woodstock using authentic instruments to get the real Santana sound.