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Performing Arts Series

The Mind and Music of Leonard Bernstein with Dr. Richard Kogan

Leonard Bernstein, renowned for his dynamic conducting and compositions like “West Side Story,” remains a towering figure in 20th-century music. Explore the fascinating intersection of Bernstein’s genius and the mind with Dr. Richard Kogan in a TED-like lecture and piano performance. Trained at Juilliard in piano and Harvard Medical School in psychiatry, Dr. Kogan, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Artistic Director of the Music and Medicine program at Weill Cornell Medical Center, offers a unique perspective.

Join us for an evening of insight and entertainment as Dr. Kogan delves into Bernstein’s life and emotions through captivating storytelling and live piano demonstrations, revealing how these shaped his iconic works. This presentation promises to enlighten and inspire, offering a deeper understanding of Bernstein’s musical legacy and the human psyche.

photo: Paul de Hueck, courtesy the Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.