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Past Event

ArtNOW: Performance, Art, and Technology

Electo Electro 2020 – Interactive Workshop and Artist Talk

With Mike Richison

Special Guest: Patrick Murray, Monmouth University Polling Institute

Wednesday, October 7, 6:00 PM

Wednesday, October 7, 7:30 PM
Attendees who are planning to participate in the 7:30 workshop are kindly requested to download and install a demo version of max msp jitter. This is not required.

Electo Electro 2020 is an interactive installation combining audience participation, music, news footage, and politics. The project allows participants to remix videos from political rallies, debates, and news in a structured sixteen beat loop. The touchscreen design is a parody of the system employed by the Accuvote, a voting system that is difficult to audit and susceptible to hacking. The parody continues into the format of the installation itself which will resemble a polling station. There will be an artist talk at 6:00 followed by a Max MSP Jitter workshop at 7:30 pm.

Mike Richison is a multimedia artist and an Assistant Professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey where he teaches motion graphics. He employs a variety of approaches including sculpture, graphic design, and interactive video. His work utilizes found objects such as turntables, voting booths, and scavenged video clips as well as the Max MSP Jitter programming environment. Mike has exhibited at Autonomous Cultural Centre Medika (Zagreb, Croatia); Figment NYC and Art in Odd Places (New York); and Peters Valley School of Craft and Morris Museum (New Jersey). His projects have received attention in outlets such as Leonardo, Noisey (Music by VICE), FACT Magazine, Hyperallergic, WABC-TV Channel 7 News New York, and The Washington Post. Before moving to New Jersey in 2007, he lived in the Detroit, Michigan area for several years.

These events are FREE and open to the public, but please register if you plan to attend.
They are virtual only. A Zoom link will be provided when you register.

This event is presented in collaboration with Galleries and Collections and the Monmouth University Polling Institute.