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March 4 – 8; March 10 – 12, 2015
Lauren K. Woods Theatre

From an American town in the early 20th century, we flash forward to a future dystopia where a severe water shortage has made public pay-per-use toilets a legal necessity. Urinetown was a hit Broadway musical in the early 21st century, running for two and a half years. It won Tony Awards for its composer and lyricists Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis and Mr. Kotis also won for the book of the musical.  The show is a satirical take on social change (the police are represented by Officers Lockstock and Barrel), corporate greed (the pay toilets are run by “Urine Good Company”), and Broadway musicals themselves. One of the show’s characters – its hero Bobby Strong – was included as one of the 100 Greatest Roles in Musical Theatre.