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Virtual Exhibition – She Persisted: Julia Dzikiewicz

Please join artist Julia Dzikiewicz for a virtual exhibition of her powerful and engaging artwork. Each week Julia will release a new video of a featured piece in the exhibit. Check back each week for a new piece!

Suffrage Cat, encaustic mixed media, 60”x 60”, 2020

Border Crisis, encaustic mixed media with lights, 60”x 60”

Sandy Hook,” 60″x60″ ,encaustic mixed media with lights, 2019

Ida B. Wells, 60”x60”, encaustic mixed media, 2016

The Story of the Ham, 60”x60”, encaustic mixed media, 2012

Old Film, New Film,” 60″x60″, encaustic mixed media, 2016

“Suffragist and Zombies,” encaustic mixed media, 60″ x 60″

“Charlottesville,” encaustic mixed media, 60″x90,” 2019

“Women’s March 2017″, 60″x96,”  encaustic with crystals and lights, 2017

“Wendy and Hillary”, 60”x60”, encaustic with crystals 

Malala and Maria”, 60″ x 60″ encaustic (with crystals and vintage glass beads)

Election 2016, 60”x60”,Encaustic with Swarovski crystals, encaustic printed paper, and electric lights, 2017

Me Too, 60”x60”, Mixed media encaustic with lights, 2018

Overtly political, deeply emotional, and subtly humorous, Julia Dzikiewicz weaves feminist parables into immense encaustic wax paintings. Monumental like an altarpiece, they inflame the spirit; illuminated like a tapestry, they give shape to immortal stories. Yet, Dzikiewicz’s work refuses a singular order. Using ancient wax techniques to explore present-day topics, Dzikiewicz is unflinching. She strikes hot, skewering the heart of the difficult issues she addresses, including themes of violence, racism, and misogyny. As a resident of the Workhouse Arts Center, the grief and triumph of the once imprisoned Suffragists serve as the inspiration for her contemporary tales of women who fight for change or the issues that inspire modern activists.