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Past Event


Open Heart : M O V E M E N T Experience

Come join us in the Open Heart : M O V E M E N T experience! The session will begin with a guided meditation emerging in a sound bath of relaxation. Flowing into freely guided movement experiences, together we will integrate music and dance to collectively express. No experience necessary.


Christine Elise [Vocal Guide/ Harp/ Singing Bowls]
Kuf Knotz [Electronic Production / Sound]
Karlee Bloom [Keyboard / Bass]

Instrumentation: Harp, Electronic Production, Keyboard, Singing Bowls, Keyboard/Bass, Various Percussion instruments

Approximate Schedule:
Welcome (5 minutes)
Guided Meditation (15 minutes)
Guided Improvisation Movement Music Experience (60 minutes)
Cool Down (15 minutes)
Group Discussion Circle (25 minutes)

Classes held: Sundays September 25 & October 16