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Mothermotherland Created by Slovo. Theater Group

Slovo. Theater Group is a group of Ukrainian and American actors and directors who have developed an original performance based on the work of Ukrainian author Mykola Khyvylovy.

Mothermotherland, by Slovo. Theater Group, is an original devised theater performance developed over the last three months by Ukrainians artists-in-residence with playwright Audrey Rose Dégez. The performance is based on the artists’ personal experiences, the war in Ukraine, and takes inspiration from Mykoly Khyvylovy’s 1924 novella I am (a Romantic), where the head of the local Cheka, a communist law enforcement agency, must decide whether or not to sentence his mother to death in the name of the ideals of the Commune.

Performance run time is approximately 60 minutes and will be followed by a talk-back with the artists.

FEATURING: Audrey Rose Dégez, Lili Maritchka Dégez, Daria Holovchanska, Yuliia Linnik, Olesia Zakharova, and Veronika Shuster

Monmouth University Sponsors:  School of Humanities & Social Sciences, The Department of Communication, The Center for the Arts, Dr. Johanna Foster (Helen Bennett McMurray Endowed Chair of Social Ethics), The Intercultural Center