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Gallery Exhibitions

J. Seward Johnson Sculptures

Following an early career as a painter, Seward Johnson turned his talents to the medium of sculpture. Since then, more than 450 of Johnson’s life-size cast bronze figures have been featured in private collections and museums in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, as well as prominent places in the public realm such as Rockefeller Center, Pacific Place, Hong Kong, Les Halles in Paris, and Via Condotti in Rome. Seward Johnson is most widely known for his sculptures depicting people engaged in every day activities. Johnson’s desire to highlight the mundane in his Celebrating the Familiar sculpture series has brought a unique voice to the world of art in public spaces.

Johnson is often recognized for his most dramatic work — and also his largest — the 70’ aluminum giant entitled The Awakening. This sculpture was selected for the International Sculpture Conference & Exhibition and is currently sited along the Potomac River at National Harbor in Washington, DC. This work was profiled in LIFE magazine, Time Magazine and has become a “must see” destination in the nation’s capitol. In recent years, Seward Johnson’s monumental scale sculptures have captured the attention of the international media and a global audience. Among these are the 26 foot tall Forever Marilyn with her skirt blowing upwards defying the stainless steel and aluminum materials. Also, the iconic “kiss” sculpture depicting the moment in Times Square when the sailor and nurse embraced in celebration of the conclusion of World War II. 

Pieces on Exhibit

God Bless America (Located in front of Pollak Theatre)
Strolling Professor (Located in front of Pollak Theatre)
Between Classes (Located in front of Pozycki Hall) 

Exhibited April 8 – August 31