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Performing Arts Series


Join us for a fun improv show! A cast of five will use: your suggestions, props, “Cards Against Humanity”, music, something you throw at them and miss, and actually YOU on stage! Their quick-wits and dangerous minds to keep you entertained for AT LEAST AN HOUR!

Box Office: 732.263.6889

Mar08, 2019

9:00 PM

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Jan 22 Apr 30

Pollak Gallery

Gallery Exhibitions


As a universal language the arts are a very effective tool for addressing social issues. The #metoo movement has brought to the surface long ignored injustices perpetrated mostly against women for generations that are finally screaming to be remedied. This juried exhibition will feature works that eloquently depicts remedies, that teach us how to honor women and others who have been maligned, how to implement change within our culture, to alter perceptions and ultimately excise this malady for future generations.

Free Event

5678 Dance Club Recital

Apr 20 2019

7 PM
Pollak Theatre

Department of Music & Theatre Arts Productions

5678 Dance Club Recital

Come out and see 5678 dance club’s wonderful spring recital for all ages on Easter weekend.

Past Event

Student Scholarship Week

Apr 22 Apr 28

Student Scholarship Week

Monmouth Student Scholarship Week: Celebrating Academic Creativity is a weeklong conference that will showcase and celebrate students’ academic work inside and outside of the classroom as well as highlight faculty-student collaboration, across the University. This includes highlighting students’ scholarly contributions in research, writing, service learning, musical and theater productions, art exhibits, etc.

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