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With an abundance of caution, Monmouth University is cancelling all classes for the remainder of this week. In taking further precautions, the Center for the Arts has decided to cancel all events through spring break (3/22/2020).

Past Event

Gallery Exhibitions

Closed: Gina Torello: LightScapes

Light is a living element, fixed in a moment of time, captured by the lens of a machine or by the hand of man. This light shifts, changes and instantaneously alters landscapes. It illuminates color and contrast, in the key absence of artificial light. Lightscapes is the light in all our scapes, originating from the sun or moon, our natural resource. Lightscapes is the wonder of how light wraps itself around nature in a moment of stillness.

As you explore Lightscapes, you will be surrounded by examples of how this light pulls you to various environments – evoking emotions, some subtle and some turbulent. The exhibition does not seek to duplicate nature, but instead allows the expressive and intimate use of color and light to dance within the work.

Leveraging her strong classical European education, Gina Torello’s work is diverse in both media and style. Her sense of expression demonstrates a mastery of color and is captured in her freedom to recreate Lightscapes that speak to the viewer from her soul.

Come explore Lightscapes for yourself. In her retrospective exhibit, Gina Torello demonstrates how light intertwines the subject matter of her oils, pastels, printmaking, photography and sculpture in the Ice House Gallery. Gina Torello is a Professor in Monmouth University’s Department of Art and Design.

Artist’s website:

Opening Reception

Friday, January 31st

Artist Lecture: 6-7 pm - Bey Hall Auditorium

Reception follows from 7-9 pm - Ice House gallery