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Immerse yourself in a focused study of analog and digital photography as well as other artistic principles when you pursue a B.A. in Art with a concentration or minor in Photography from Monmouth University. With the University’s state-of-the-art facilities, innovative curriculum, and renowned faculty, the program will prepare you for careers in fine art, editorial, and commercial photography.

Students of this program establish a firm grounding in the skills of photographic seeing, production, and presentation while exploring and incorporating a personal visual direction.

A broad range of courses go beyond digital and analog photography to cover lighting, archival printmaking, and portfolio development. The curriculum encourages cultivation of a distinctive visual narrative through the development of artistic and technical skills, as well as a broad understanding of the role photography plays in contemporary culture. Electives allow you to incorporate photography with other non-photographic media such as printmaking, sculpture, interactive media, animation, and graphic design. Graduates have gone on to careers in fine art, documentary, and commercial photography in addition to pursuing further study in graduate school.

The minor in Photography provides students a solid foundation in the photographic arts with a focus on courses that encourage an understanding of the technical aspects of the medium. Along with analog and digital skills, a computer graphics course is added to the photo curriculum to round out skills a photo student is likely to need in the professional world. The photo minor will allow students a succinct overview of the principles of photography.

To see recent work from our Photography students, please visit our student gallery. Follow this link for additional information on the Photography concentration.