The Next Normal

Learning to live with COVID-19.

What will a post-pandemic world look like? From pharmaceuticals to photography, faculty weigh in on the ways in which COVID-19 will leave its mark.

A Safer Public and a Speedier Drug Pipeline

By Jeff Weisburg, Specialist Professor of Biology

The Rising Role of Nurses and Telehealth

By Anne Marie Mauro, Dean of the Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies

The Games Will Go On, But the Opponents Could Change

By Marilyn McNeil, Vice President and Director of Athletics

Virtual Instruction Is Not Going Away

By John Henning, Dean of the School of Education

The Music Never Stops

By Joe Rapolla, Chair of the Music and Theatre Arts Department and Director of the Music Industry Program

The Dangers of a Post-COVID-19 Tourism Boom

By Karen Schmelzkopf, Associate Professor of History and Anthropology

Work from Home is Here to Stay

By Noah Hart, Coordinator of First Year Advising

The Art of the Pandemic

By Corey Dzenko, Art Historian and Associate Professor of Art and Design