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Re: Summer 2019

I loved the issue, especially the “Day at the Beach” photo of Belmar Beach. This was my beach and always will be. My family and I lived on E Street for 14 years—actually on the hallowed grounds of Bruce Springsteen. Our house was a subdivision of David Sancious’ family’s property, which also held the garage where the band practiced. I once met Clarence, who told me, “Your house was blessed.” My husband, Jerry, and I are retired schoolteachers. Five years ago, we moved to New Orleans; Jerry is a jazz trumpet player, and this is where he belongs. But what great memories that photo brought back.

Susan (Shincarick) Pashin ’70

I was a student when Dr. King spoke at Monmouth (“Exhibit honors MLK’s visit to Monmouth”). At the time, I was surprised he would speak at a small liberal arts college, but it’s a day I never will forget. I’ve told my daughter and grandson about his speech. Thank you, Monmouth, for making that happen.

Leslie (Stern) Castellucci ’68

Sage Advice

Editor’s note: Readers responded in droves to our question about the advice they would share with their college self.

As a 26-year-old freshman in 1956, my perspective would be quite different, I think, from that of an 18- or 19-year-old recent high school graduate. I was a Korean War vet too!

My advice to myself: All issues seem trite except for two. 1) Total Nuclear Disarmament. 2) Global Warming Elimination. They concern the existence of every living creature on the planet. Work in any way you can to further the causes of both. Personal advice: 1) Make as many lifelong friends as possible.  2) Eat wisely. 3) Keep physically fit. 4) Read as much and as often as possible. 5) Live your passions. 6) Don’t limit your goals. 6) Laugh a lot.

P.S. Note to myself: Democracy and freedom are not guaranteed, so be knowledgeable about issues and be proactive.

Arthur Katz ’60

I have six words of advice that are carved in stone—literally. If you follow the path behind Wilson Hall, you’ll come across a brick with my name on it that reads, “Pay Attention. Someday You’ll Be Tested.” Taken at face value, the message simply means listen in class and pass your exams. The broader intent extends much further. Pay attention to everything you encounter.  Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Get outside yourself. See the bigger picture. You’ll be surprised how much you can absorb in a single day. Inevitably, life is going to challenge you in ways you never expected and for which there is never enough preparation. That’s when you’ll need to draw upon not just your education and experience, but all the emotional strength, fortitude, integrity, moral fiber, and stamina you can muster.

Arnold Simon ’72

Don’t resist change. As the cliché goes: The things that scare you and challenge you the most are the things you’ll grow from the most. Don’t be a stubborn and nonreceptive student. Listen to what professors have to say when they try to get you to learn or try new things they think you’re apt to succeed in. While it is important to excel and be involved in the things you already know and excel at, it is also important, especially in college, to experience studies you’ve never had contact with before. Whether it be anthropology, sociology, or, in my case, computer science, take advantage of the opportunities you have to delve into a world of unknown. It could literally change your life.     

Lauren Niesz ’17, ’19M

If you’re not from Monmouth County, give the locals all the waves they want. Then watch and learn.

Ryan Gallagher ’17

Don’t take one minute for granted.

@runninggirlkait via Instagram

Relationships are essential. Form them with professionals, students, and staff.

@sajorees via Instagram

You will learn so much more from your peers/profs than just textbook lessons!

@allynorjema via Instagram

Do more interdisciplinary classes. Learn more in new areas. You never know what you’ll love J

@jenvanalsyne via Instagram

Challenge yourself! Join a club/activities. Take electives outside your major! Soar!

@harmony_bailey via Instagram

Stop being afraid to ask for help!!!!

@the_nadale_buntin via Instagram

Work hard. Ask for help. Most importantly have fun.

@mikesurgent via Instagram

Make friends wherever, whenever you can!

@marissaciancitto via Instagram

Try something out of your comfort zone. U never know how many new doors of opportunities will open.

@henna.glam via Instagram

Be open to new beginnings! It’s the start of a new you!

@kthame via Instagram

Get involved. Monmouth offers so many great opportunities for careers and adventure!

@motherofhounds_ via Instagram

You got this! (heart)

@christygreening via Instagram

Take advantage of the workout facilities and don’t be afraid to learn a new language! Take some unique classes outside of your major for fun!

@missheartcore via Instagram

Stay focused and humble  100

@_1k.mas via Instagram

Join the Debate Team!!

@sabbsaengg via Instagram

There are MORE opportunities than what meets the eye. Look/ask/work for them!

@jalcanela via Instagram

Explore the unknown and to look at everyone for who they are on the inside.

@_davidfasalino via Instagram

Everything will fall into place. Do the best you can and everything will work itself out.

@michaelbrech80 via Instagram

Spend as much time as you can on campus. Time flies and your memories will last forever!

@alex_hartelust via Instagram

Campus is bursting with inspiration. Keep your head up so you can look out for opps!

@almostfamous09 via Instagram

Take advantage of all opportunities and bask in the campus’ beauty.

@lolascorpion via Instagram

Relax, enjoy your time, it all gets done. Go have some fun!

@lindsay_ruth29 via Instagram

Work hard, make friends and enjoy the beach!

@jellybellyspinelli via Instagram

Never let anybody get in the way of your goals and strive to be the best you that you can be.

@kenz1678 via Instagram

 Go outside of your comfort zone & enjoy your time.

@taylorpolito via Instagram

Spend those declining dollars wisely!

@_powell24 via Instagram

Utilize all of the MU resources and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

@natalietoro via Instagram

Get involved! Try everything one! Get involved as a freshman. Don’t wait!

@kbarry430 via Instagram

Be bold. Push yourself. Remind yourself that you’re worthy of anything!

@alygirl9793 via Instagram

Stop stressing and enjoy your time there! MU is beautiful!

@msrouj826 via Instagram

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make friends. You will thank yourself later!

@exquisitely_emily via Instagram

Follow your instincts! Get involved and step out of your comfort zone!

@marissalasala via Instagram

Enjoy every moment!

@chelseb23 via Instagram

Put yourself out there or you will miss all MU has to offer!

@jenaibacote via Instagram

I would take the time to go to more events Monmouth had.

@lucy6485 via Instagram

Take risks and step outside your comfort zone!

@zigywig via Instagram

Do more interdisciplinary classes. Learn more in new areas. You never know what you’ll love J

@jenvanalstyne via Instagram

Don’t spread yourself out too thin. You can’t be everywhere at once. Just know when to say no!

@nverzicco via Instagram

Study abroad!!!!!! (globe)

@lpov via Instagram

Make sure to get enough sleep!

@rayray14000 via Instagram

have fun and enjoy every moment it goes fast.

@_annanoelle via Instagram

Go to more parties.

@ecjn via Instagram