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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Introduction

Monmouth University completed a comprehensive, inclusive, and transparent strategic planning process that established a path for programmatic, athletic, facility, and general funding priorities.

The entire strategic planning process was informed by the University’s mission and core values. It was also informed by our collective privilege and obligation to help our students to unearth their intellectual passions in an environment that embraces their varied cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

The process helped establish benchmarks for what constitutes the best personalized learning experiences and outcomes for our students, tempered by the understanding that the real value of an education isn’t measured solely by objective benchmarks.

Each student who arrives on our campus richly deserves to understand and experience the unique opportunities that make a Monmouth University education personally relevant. Initially, three key themes were identified to guide the planning process: personalized learning experience, program relevance, and global and cultural awareness. After input from the campus community, a fourth theme has been added, a community of teaching, scholarship and collaboration. These themes can translate differently across different areas of campus, and even across different universities.

An overarching goal for the strategic planning process was to determine the optimal portfolio of graduate and undergraduate programs that will prepare our students for “life after Monmouth,” setting a foundation for both continuing intellectual development and economic advancement, by aligning our resources to provide the best match for what we have to offer them. This was a collective and holistic effort by everyone on campus.

In October 2014, the Board of Trustees endorsed the strategic plan that was developed by the campus community. The Monmouth University Plan: Our Commitment to Transformative Learning expresses a clear vision and strategy for Monmouth’s future, reflecting the input of faculty, administrators, staff, students, alumni, and other stakeholders.

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