Seize the season

Tips, trick and hacks to help you have maximum fun this summertime.

Skip The Fireworks

This summer, shooting stars—and Mars—will light up the sky.

How to be a movie extra illustration

Be An Extra

How to land a role in next year’s summer blockbuster.

Catch A Fish

Do’s and don’ts of responsible striper fishing.

Make A Splash

Follow these whitewater rafting tips to enjoy the ride of your life.

Feel Lighter

Ditch bad habits to enjoy summer to the fullest.

Take A Dive

5 unexpected reasons to try scuba diving this summer.

Ride The Waves

Sophomore Josh Spicer, a computer science major and treasurer of Monmouth University's Surf Club, shares some choice surf spots along the Jersey Shore.

Hit The Road

Tips for vacationing in an RV, from the alumnus who wrote the book on the subject.

Read These Now

6 books to get your hands on this summer

Listen Up

Add these songs to your playlist for the perfect summer soundtrack.