Remembrance: Ronald Frangipane

Associate Professor of Music, 1944–2020.

It would be an impossible task to put into words the impact that the great Ron Frangipane had on Monmouth University and its students during his 18 years with the institution. When Ron arrived in 1997, my freshman year, we became best friends. He immediately set out to reinvent the existing music education program into an astounding, world-class performance and industry curriculum.

Those first five years, Ron taught every class and conducted every rehearsal. I had the great fortune to serve as his concert master and attend every class he offered. Ron would create opportunities for performance and encourage students to bring music and art to all corners of our campus. He would re-orchestrate popular music and compose original music to shape what talent and instrumentation was available. His passion for life and art created astounding performances witnessed by many over his tenure.

Ron shared his strength with us, and we shined like shooting stars. He had an ability to motivate great emotion and purpose from his students and convey passion to his audiences so profoundly that the impact was self-evident. Ron challenged us in a powerful but caring way to explore our creativity and search deeper into ourselves.

I could speak in perpetuity on Ron’s brilliance and genius as a composer, musician, producer, and inspired creative. He was a truly amazing, beautiful, kind, and inspirational human. He was the most influential person in my life. A father, brother, mentor—but mostly my best friend. Ron was a gentle giant, a warrior of emotion. He was a genius of creativity in art and music, a master of the creative process, and an endless source of inspiration and new ideas to those he touched. I await the day I can join his band again.