Remembrance: Kenneth Stunkel

Emeritus Professor of History and Former Dean, 1931-2019.

Ken Stunkel was a giant of a man. He was my mentor and my best man, and his valuable and caring advice aided me through the many years of our friendship.

This man of all seasons was passionate about the state of our planet, confirming his absolute trust in science. His profound love of classical music, and the magic of the written word as evidenced by his impressive, well-rounded library, were an important part of his life. Our University has produced its share of scholars, and Ken was at the very top of that list. His many contributions as dean of Humanities and Social Sciences for 13 years are well documented in his personal dossier.

Much like Greek scholars, his love of life was not just intellectual but also physical: He had a passion for dance, and as a gymnast performed the almost impossible still rings event. All of my memories of Ken are positive ones. He was a pleasure to be around and to share his love of life and his wonderful sense of humor. This was a man who was larger than life. We are taught that we are all expendable, but Ken could give us a convincing argument that he cannot be replaced.