Living the Dream

Zack Sandler ’20 is a producer at award-winning photographer Danny Clinch’s Transparent Clinch Gallery.

Music industry graduate Zack Sandler ’20 assists award-winning photographer Danny Clinch and is also the associate producer for the Transparent Clinch Gallery at the Sea.Hear.Now Festival. He has worked on productions with Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, members of Pearl Jam, and more. Sandler is also a tour manager and plays saxophone in several bands.

How I Got Here

I always had the musical bug. I’ve played the sax since the fourth grade, but my calling was the business side of the music industry. With Monmouth being so close to Asbury Park, I was able to learn in the classroom and then hone my craft in town later that same night.

Monmouth Mentors

Professor Joe Rapolla has been a huge influence on my personal life and professional career. A lot of what I’m doing is thanks to him. And I wouldn’t have graduated with honors if it wasn’t for Reenie Menditto, who pushed me to write my thesis, which is now published and archived in the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music. I’m really proud of that.

My Career Goal

I’m living it. I’m happy being a producer. I’m happy playing on stage. I’m happy touring. And I’m happy working alongside the superheroes I grew up listening to and idolizing.