Leaps and Bounds

Sprinter/jumper Bryan Sosoo talks leadership, life after Monmouth, and the glories of Old Bay Seasoning. Try to keep up.

Senior Bryan Sosoo embodies character traits universities covet in student-athletes. He is talented, smart, hard-working and accountable. He also possesses exceptional leadership skills, honed in part through his involvement with the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum. (Sosoo was one of only two students selected to represent the MAAC at the annual event.) But the Laurel, Maryland, native is just too fast—as in the “he-holds-the-top-12-all-time-Monmouth-records-in-the-60-meter-dash” kind of fast—to be the subject of a standard magazine profile. An assortment of quick bites seemed the more suitable treatment for this highly decorated Hawk.

On his greatest experience as a Hawk.
Competing in the USA’s my sophomore year and racing against elite professionals was pretty awesome. It’s allowed me to believe that I’m not that far off from being one of the best in the nation.

On how he prepares for meets.
I typically have my headphones on and stay to myself. I listen to hip hop, rap, Jersey club—anything that has rhythm and is high intensity to get my heart rate going. Then I slow it down with the music choice to settle myself before I get on the track.

On his biggest takeaway from the NCAA Leadership Forum.
A good leader must lead by example. It’s easy to say words, but you need to stand by them and back them up. And never ask anyone to do anything you’re not willing and able to do yourself.

On what he loves most about Monmouth.
There is a tremendous support system here, and everything is geared toward helping you prepare and succeed in the future.

On what’s next after graduation.
I’m continuing my education at Monmouth for a fifth year to earn my graduate degree in business administration. From there, I’d like to work in the sports industry. A friend of mine assists with college and professional athletes in hospitality and event management, and that sounds pretty interesting to me.

On why you should hire him.
I’m detail oriented. I’m a good communicator. I like a fast-paced environment and can adapt quickly. I picked up an IT minor my sophomore year, and right now we’re learning to build websites, code, and program. The info tech minor goes well with my business management and should make me more valuable to a company.

On what out-of-towners must do when in Maryland.
No doubt try the crab cakes. But also try Old Bay seasoning on fries. It is the greatest thing in the world.