Office Space

Head Barista Jenn Cabral gives us a tour of Parson Café.

For almost three decades, Jenn Cabral has been brightening the days of Monmouth students, faculty, and staff with her positive energy and seemingly supernatural ability to remember everyone’s regular order. Having previously worked in Bey Hall, Java City, and the Plangere Coffee Café, she now runs Parson Café in the Great Hall. “It’s absolutely gorgeous here, just breathtaking,” says Cabral about her new digs. She gave us a quick tour.

Brewing Inspiration

When caffeine alone won’t do the trick, Cabral’s Quote of the Day board provides an additional spark to help her “sweetpeas”—her pet name for students—to power through. “Some days, people will stop in and not buy anything at all; they just need those words of encouragement,” says Cabral.

Flavor Faves

Cabral uses Torani syrups to craft a rotating menu of specialty drinks. Her most popular? Caramel Dreams, which infuses caramel with a hint of vanilla. Regardless of what you order, you won’t be disappointed. “No one leaves here without me asking them to make sure the drink is perfect,” says Cabral.

The Daily Grind

All of the coffee beans and tea leaves come from Booskerdoo Coffee Co., a popular Jersey shore microroaster. “I grind my own coffee and French press my tea. Everything here is made fresh daily,” says Cabral. “You can’t beat that.” 

The Perfect Blend

Parson Café was designed to look like it was always part of the Great Hall. These panels, which came from a now-demolished Pennsylvania church built in the 1800s, were repurposed to create the front of the bar.

Café Cuisine

Parson Café offers a variety of grab-and-go food options, including wraps, sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, a daily soup special, and fresh-baked pastries.