Launchpad: Muhammad Fahad

This 2022 computer science graduate helped Amazon build its next-generation streaming TV advertising platform.

As a software engineer for the online behemoth Amazon, Muhammad Fahad played a crucial role in developing the company’s highly scalable advertising streaming TV service, Sponsored TV. The initiative, which launched earlier this year, expands advertisers’ reach across platforms such as Twitch and Prime Video. “My responsibilities included developing targeting algorithms to ensure ads reached customers with relevant interests,” says Fahad. “Additionally, I contributed to enhancing the audience experience by constructing new infrastructure for video-ad interactivity.” 

How I Got Here

The foundational principles of software development that I was immersed in at Monmouth laid a sturdy groundwork upon which I could build my career. My classes and internships, including one with Goldman Sachs, equipped me with essential skills and instilled a deep understanding of the intricacies of software engineering. Together, these have helped me navigate the challenges and innovations of the industry. They also prepared me well to pursue my master’s in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the top programs in the country.

Why I Chose Monmouth

Monmouth’s project-based courses significantly fueled my passion for exploring novel technologies and addressing distinctive problems. Also, Monmouth’s smaller class sizes allowed me to engage with my professors on a more personal level.

My Career Goals

I envision myself spearheading the development of intricate products and offering technical guidance for such ventures. My aspiration is to deepen my understanding of specific business domains across various tech sectors and identify opportunities to innovate and create new products within these domains.