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Writing Services

Writing Services Testimonials

“Susan was really, really friendly and very nice. She helped me a lot in terms of making my essay flow better.”

“In the three years that I have been going to the Writing Center at Monmouth University, Amanda C. is the best and most helpful assistant that I have met with.”

“Courtney was very helpful. She listened to what my ideas were and rather than pushing her own ideas, she helped me to better express mine and got me an A on my paper.”

“I’ve gone to Caroline twice and am going to try to continue to go to her for my writing center needs because she was great and helped me a lot and was very understanding and helpful.”

“She was friendly and accommodating.”

“I’ve only gone to Professor Schmidt once so far but she was very helpful and understanding.”

“I really liked being able to meet with a peer tutor. Normally, because I’m a graduate student I’m made to meet with professors. It was refreshing to meet with someone my level in academia.”

“Kristina was very thorough while we read through my paper. She answered all of my questions and gave great suggestions!”

“Erin really helped me learn APA format. I came in with a rough copy of my paper and she encouraged me to come back and meet with her the following day once the paper was finished.”

“Professor Swanson was wonderful to work with. She gave me the confidence and tools to write a great paper.”

“I am a returning student after many years. I was a marketing major and APA is completely foreign to me. Amanda explained the sheets to me and I was able to complete my paper.”

“Erin is amazing! So is Ryan! They’re awesome, and they help me with all of my papers. I greatly recommend them both!”

“Kristina was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Professor Swanson was very kind and friendly and helped me greatly with my paper.”

“After my session I was completely confident that the paper I was handing in was great! I will definitely be back this semester! Thank you again!!”

“Kristina is literally the best Writing Assistant I have had so far! Thank you.”

“Will listened to what I needed to do and offered great insight to my paper. I will definitely consider having him help me with my next paper!”

“Kristen was extremely helpful and was very nice.”

“Professor Merry is easy to understand and speaks in specific and concrete terms. He is very down-to-earth and friendly. I would definitely see him again!”

“I will be returning for additional help in future papers. I felt uncomfortable at first, but Ryan helped me feel comfortable and was actively listening to my questions.”

“[Writing Services] really helps me with a greater understanding of the course work and how to compose my work.”

“Even when making suggestions or corrections, Kristina did a great job of sandwiching her comments to also recognize the positive aspects as well.”

“I had Frank helping me out with Professor Swanson watching, and Frank was awesome as well. Very nice and offered helpful comments.”