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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Writing Services

Writing Services Ambassador Presentations

Faculty may request at any time a classroom presentation, detailing the services offered by Writing Services. Either singly or in pairs, Writing Services Ambassadors will come to your class and speak to the students about who the Writing Assistants are, how they work with the students, and the benefits of strong writing skills. The Ambassadors, in themselves, represent one possible achievement of strong writers while they are engaged in their undergraduate or graduate studies at Monmouth University.

You can arrange for a presentation by contacting the Secretary of Writing Services and Supplemental Instruction at 732-571-7542. The presentation should take approximately twenty minutes. The Ambassadors use a Prezi to guide them in their presentation, so please have the screen and computer ready to go to minimize the interruption to your class.

Experience indicates that students who have heard the classroom presentations come to Writing Services more readily. Students may make appointments with the Writing Assistants who led the presentations, as they now know someone at Writing Services, or with any of the Writing Assistants. The unknown is now a known entity.

Writing Services staff welcomes any opportunity to assist the faculty and the students in improving writing skills. Please feel free to contact Writing Services with your response to the Writing Services Ambassador Program or regarding any other writing matters that are of concern to you.