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  • Greetings from the Chief of Police

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your acceptance to Monmouth University. We here at the University Police Department know you are going to make the most of tremendous opportunities available to you on campus.

    The University Police Department is here to serve you and other members of the University community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Police headquarters is located on the corner of Cedar and Norwood Avenues. Our police officers are commissioned by the State of New Jersey to ensure your safety. Police officers respond to all on-campus calls, and investigate and document all incidents and crimes that occur on campus.

    The University Police Department provides vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrols on campus. Additionally, the police departments of West Long Branch, Ocean Township, and Long Branch have full police authority on campus, since areas of the University campus fall within their respective jurisdictions. These departments respond to matters on campus only upon request.

    There are 92 emergency telephones installed on campus. These telephones are identified by a blue light and/or “Emergency” label and provide direct contact to the University Police. In addition, regular telephones in all buildings have labels affixed to them which include the University Police Department telephone numbers.

    Early in the semester, the University Police Department conducts Operation ID. During Operation ID the University Police respond to requests to have their student ID numbers engraved onto their personal possessions.

    Crime prevention and safety literature is distributed at New Student Orientation and various seminars and programs throughout the year. Programs are conducted at a variety of locations on campus. Additional services provided for our students, at no cost, include an on-campus escort service and assistance with motor vehicle lockouts.

    I would also like to advise you to read and familiarize yourselves with our Guide for a Safe Campus. This booklet will provide you with important information concerning the University Police and our emergency management plan. You can also access this and other important police related information on our University Police Web site.

    We are very fortunate to have a highly trained, experienced police department to ensure a safe environment for all students, faculty, and employees. The safety of our campus also depends on an informed and alert student body. Although the campus is located in a safe suburban community, common sense and good judgment can help make your experience a safe one.

    In closing, please feel free to contact the University Police at 732-571-4444 if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.

    William McElrath
    Chief of Police