• Faculty Participants

    Gwen Alexis, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., The New School; J.D., Harvard Law School; M.A.R., Yale Divinity School. Primary interests are in Business Ethics, Law and Society, Corporate Accountability, Globalism, and Multiculturalism.


    Mary Lee Bass, Lecturer. Literacy Instruction, Ed.D., Rutgers. Professional interests include strategy instruction, content literacy, early childhood literacy, adult literacy instruction, preservice teacher training, and developmental reading instruction.


    Shelia Baldwin, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Texas A&M University. Professional interests include secondary education, multicultural education, and ethnographic research.


    Judith Bazler Professor. Ed.D., University of Montana. Specialty is science education and informal science, e.g. museums. Founder of the Smart Discovery Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


    Rekha Datta, Chair of Department of Political Science and Professor. Ph.D., University of Connecticut, M.A. (First Class) B.A. (Hons), Political Science, Presidency College, Calcutta, India. Specialization in political theory, international relations, and comparative politics of South Asia, East Asia, and developing areas. Research interests include gender and development, traditional and human security issues, and child labor. Author of Why Alliances Endure: The United States-Pakistan Alliance, 1954-1971 (1994: reprinted 2000). Co-editor, with Judith Kornberg, Women in Developing Countries: Assessing Strategies for Empowerment (2002). Principal architect of the founding of the Global Understanding Project at Monmouth University.


    Donald Dorfman, Professor. Ph.D., Rutgers University. Specializes in ichthyology, ecology and marine biology. Current research involves population estimates of fishes, fish physiology, bioaccumulation of heavy metals, responses of fishes to variations in environmental parameters.

    Amy Handlin, Associate Professor. Ph.D., New York University. Primary interests are in deceptive advertising litigation and applications of marketing to public policy.



    Ursula Howson, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Marine Biology/Biochemistry, University of Delaware. Specializes in ecophysiology, marine ecology and biology, and behavioral ecology. Current research involves the early life history of fishes, specifically the effects of abiotic parameters on growth, development, and behavior in larval and juvenile fishes.


    Jingzi Huang, Chair of Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of British Columbia. Professional interests include English as a second language and literacy.

    Marlene Hurley, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Science Education Curriculum and Instruction, University at Albany; M.L.S., Librarianship, Southern Connecticut State University; M.Ed., Science Education, Eastern Washington University; B.S., Plant Science, University of Idaho.


    Bradley J. Ingebrethsen, Lecturer. Ph.D., Clarkson University. Physical chemistry. Research interests include mass transport in aerosol systems, the fate of aerosols in the environment and in the respiratory tract, and the physical chemistry of cigarette smoke.

    Frederick J. Kelly, Dean. Professor of Finance. Ph.D., Economics, Finance, International Business - Columbia University. Special interests include international finance, healthcare administration and higher education administration.

    Betty Liu,Professor. Ph.D., University of Maryland. Interests include numerical solution of differential equations and mathematical modeling.

    James P. Mack, Professor. Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. Specializes in anatomy and physiology, vitamin A and membranes. Current research includes antibiotic screening of plants from Belize. Spread of human pathogens by migratory birds.

    Golam Mathbor, Associate Professor. Ph.D., The University of Calgary. Areas of interest include development and analysis of social policies and services, community organizing and social action, social planning, community development and community participation and international social work. Current research includes community development, multicultural social work, and community participation.

    Donald M. Moliver, Professor of Economics, Pozycki Endowed Professorship and Director of the Real Estate Institute. Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, CRE, MAI. Research interests include real estate finance and valuation.

    John Morano Professor. M.A., Pennsylvania State University. Primary fields are print journalism and media studies. Special interests include start-up publications, magazine journalism and freelance journalism. Research interests include environmental journalism, publishing a fourth novel in his Eco-Adventure Book Series, entertainment journalism, film criticism and journalism ethics. Advisor to the student-operated newspaper, The Outlook.


    Roy Nersesian, Associate Professor. M.B.A., Harvard Business School. Interests lie in logistics management and management course development, particularly in quantitative content. Author of four books on the shipping industry and on the application of computer simulation to business decision making, forecasting business cycles, and financial risk management.

    Joseph Patten, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., West Virginia University; M.A., Public Policy, West Virginia University. Specialization in Public Policy, Political Campaigns at National, State and Local levels, the United States Congress, the American Presidency, and Media Law. Research interests include the U.S. Senate and the Impact of Domestic Politics on U.S. Foreign Policy.

      Paul J. Savoth, Associate Professor. LLM, Villanova University; JD, Seton Hall University; BA, Middlebury College. Primary research interests include Federal taxation and legal environment of business.


    Karen Schmelzkopf, Associate Professor of Geography. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Interests include Geographic Information Systems, land use policy, community organizations, and urban redevelopment. Current research projects include community activism, politics of public space, and urban redevelopment issues in Asbury Park.

    Robert H. Scott, III, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Economics, University of Missouri at Kansas City. Research interests include credit cards, microcredit, econometrics, and environmental economics.

      G. Boyd Swartz, Professor. Ph.D., New York University. Interests include computer modeling, object oriented programming, and integration of computer technology into the curriculum.


    Danuta Szwajkajzer, Lecturer. Ph.D., Rutgers University. Biophysical chemistry. Research interests are proteins and nucleic acids chemistry, thermodynamics of drugs binding to DNA, mechanisms of recognition for biomolecules, studies of structure and thermodynamic changes of nucleic acids oligomers.

     William Tepfenhart, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of Texas. Interests include artificial intelligence, software architecture and software design.


     John Tiedemann, Assistant Dean of the School of Science and Instructor. M.S., Florida Institute of Technology. Specializes in marine ecology, coastal zone management, environmental science, and marine and environmental education. Current applied research involves watershed management strategies and best management practices for coastal nonpoint source pollution.

    Tsanangurayi Tongesayi, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., West Virginia University. Analytical chemistry. Speciation, geochemical cycling and bioavailability of heavy metals in the environment, technologies and methods for the removal of toxic heavy metals and their compounds from drinking water and analytical method development.


    Frances K. Trotman, Professor. Psychological Counseling. Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Columbia University. Areas of interest include child development, racism and minority issues; stress management; divorce mediation; aging; academic resilience; women's issues; Feminist Psychotherapy; and psychotherapy with African American women. Fellow of the American Psychological Association.



    Richard Veit, Associate Professor of Anthropology and History, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Teaching areas include archaeology, historic preservation and North American Indians. Research interests include industrial archaeology and gravestones.