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  • Veterans Procedure





    Fall 1995
    Revised: Fall 2001



          GENERAL: Information regarding veterans' benefits and procedures for applying may be obtained from the Office of Registration and Records or the Office of the Bursar. Monmouth University is approved by the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs (VA) for veterans' benefits.


    1. Any questions regarding certification, registration, or payment cycles should be directed to the veterans' coordinator located in the Office of Registration and Records.
    2. Any veteran who submits an application for educational benefits (22-1990) should attach a copy of DD FORM 214 (discharge papers) as supporting documentation.
    3. All Chapter 35 persons must provide the Social Security number or service number of the person under whom they will be receiving benefits.
    4. It is not necessary for students to reapply for certification each semester, as long as they remain enrolled students. Those students who anticipate a leave of absence must notify the VA and the University.
    5. Students who transfer from another school must submit a 22 FORM 1995 Request for a Change in Program or Place of Training, and must request that transcripts from all other institutions be sent to Monmouth University for evaluation.
    6. Veterans Tuition Credit Program (VTCP)/Vietnam Veterans Tuition Aid Program (VVTAP): the State of New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs Division of Loans, Grants, and Services provides an extra stipend to those veterans who qualify for extra aid. Eligibility requirements may be found on the back of the application. Applications may be obtained in the Office of Registration and Records.
      Veterans must apply each fall by October 1. They do not need to reapply in the spring, as they will be automatically carried over. New applicants for the spring semester must apply by March 1.
    7. Monmouth University does not qualify for the NJ Army National Guard Tuition Program (12 free credits). Only state/public institutions sponsor this program.