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  • Urban Coast Institute - Coastal Watershed

    The Urban Coast Institute

    Supporting Stewardship of Coastal Ecosystems

    Mission: To serve Monmouth University and the public interest as a forum for research, education, and collaboration in the development and implementation of science-based policies and programs that support stewardship of healthy, productive, and resilient coastal ecosystems and communities.

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    Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal

    Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute Is the Principal Investigator for the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal Project

    The Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal is an interactive mapping site and online toolkit that enables state, federal and local agencies as well as the general public to visualize and analyze ocean resources and human use information such as fishing grounds, recreational areas, shipping lanes, habitat areas and energy sites, among others. The Portal is continually updated as appropriate datasets that align with MARCO priorities become available.

    Users are encouraged to check the Calendar for a schedule of upcoming monthly "How Tuesday" webinars that provide guided tours of the Portal and its latest capabilities. If you are interested in scheduling a webinar or in-person training session about specific topics of interest to your work group, contact Karl Vilacoba, UCI Communications Director, at

  • What's New

    Urban Coast Institute funds Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe Summer Research Grants

    The UCI is providing funding to support student Summer Research Grants as part of the 2015 School of Science Summer Research Program (SRP). Funds are supported, in part, by contributions to the Urban Coast Institute in memory of Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe who was a Monmouth County shore area resident her whole life who loved to surf and spend time at the beach with her family and friends. Ms. Sculthorpe’s father, Mr. Robert B. Sculthorpe is a graduate of Monmouth University and a member of the University Board of Trustees.


    Global Sustainability Globe in HandsThe new Global Sustainability Minor at Monmouth is designed to be accessible and complementary to students studying natural sciences, political science and public policy, social work, health studies, communications, business, and economics, or to any student that is interested in expanding their ability to analyze critical issues facing our society in a multidisciplinary and holistic way.

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