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    Admission (Graduate)

    Catalogs can be viewed online; also, learn about the latest in continuing professional educational learning and link to academic department pages.

    Admission (Undergraduate)

    Parents find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Children of alumni are encouraged to apply for admission to Monmouth University and to submit an application for the Alumni Association Scholarship once matriculated.


    Complete Women's and Men's Sports Information can be found at this site.

    Career Services

    Click here for career services available to Alumni, including Hawks Career Link, a fully integrated system you can use to view full-time and part-time positions posted by employers seeking to hire Monmouth students and alumni.

    E-mail Forwarding

    Monmouth University is pleased to offer a valuable benefit to alumni: a permanent e-mail address and e-mail-forwarding service that allows you to keep in touch with family, friends, and business associates, with no break in communication, no matter how many times you relocate or change your Internet service provider. This is not an e-mail account, only a forwarding service. When you register for this service, Monmouth University will assign you a permanent e-mail address. It will look like this:

    It is the only address that your friends and associates will ever need to know to stay in contact with you because it is permanent. It is up to you to notify friends and associates in your address book, but if you forget or choose not to give them a forwarding address, your e-mail will continue to reach you if they use your current ISP address(es).

    When you switch jobs or e-mail providers, and your e-mail address changes, you notify Monmouth University on the password-protected alumni e-mail directory Web site, and on the next business day your e-mail is forwarded to your new address. It's as simple as that. You will access your e-mail just as you always have. This benefit is offered only to Monmouth University graduates. You must have completed a degree program at Monmouth University before registering for e-mail forwarding. Register for E-mail Forwarding.

    Entertainment Discounts

    Alumni Entertainment DiscountsPlum Benefits provides Monmouth University Alumni with access to time- and money-saving offers to all types of live entertainment in the New York, D.C., Philadelphia, Orlando, and Las Vegas areas. You can enjoy great seats and prices when you frequent Be sure to check the Web site often as offers are updated on a monthly basis!

    Signing-up is cost-free and takes just a few moments.

    1. Simply visit
    2. Enter Your E-mail and Your Access Code: ac0524868
    3. Browse and Search the current available offers
    4. Select an event you want to attend
    5. Use the special code in the offer you've selected when you purchase tickets as you normally would—online, by phone, or in person at the box office

    Plum Benefits provides a live concierge line from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, that will take you directly to an agent should you have any questions or concerns. If you need any help dial 212-660-1888, or you can send e-mail to

    Estate Planning

    The University offers assistance in planning and preparation of wills and trusts. Charitable gift annuities and participation in the University's Pooled Income Fund are available and provide income benefits to donors. Additional planned giving options are available. For additional information contact Lucille Flynn, Associate Vice President for External Affairs at 732-571-3502.

    Fitness Center

    The Fitness Center offers aerobics, free weights, nautilus, and use of the pool to alumni at a reduced rate. For more details contact the Fitness Center at 732-571-7590.


    Alumni have the privilege of borrowing books and using all resource materials including computers to access the Internet for research. Click here for information about the Library.

    Mail Forwarding

    It is necessary for us to protect the privacy of our alumni so we have adopted the following procedure:

    1. Send a message in a sealed envelope with the name and class year of the alumnus you wish to contact and your return address.
    2. If we have a current address, we will send on the envelope.
    3. If we do not, we will return it to you, unopened.

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    Performing Arts Series

    Concerts, dance, art, theater (including theatre for children), and special attractions are offered throughout the year for very reasonable prices. Alumni are eligible for discounts and series subscriptions are available for even greater savings. Contact the Monmouth University Box Office, West Long Branch, NJ 07764-1878 or call 732-571-3483 Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out the current offerings.

    Office of the Registrar

    Frequently Asked Questions, including instructions on how to request a transcript and how to order a replacement diploma from Monmouth University.

    Special Events

    Alumni are encouraged to support and attend the annual Holiday Ball and other special events that occur throughout the year. To be placed on special event mailing lists, call 732- 571-5198. Read more about current special events and programs.

    The Alumni Insurance Program

    The Monmouth University Alumni Insurance Program is a convenient source for health, life, travel and auto insurance for alumni and their family members. There are a variety of plans available to meet your needs, including GradMed® short-term health insurance – great for new grads and other alumni seeking temporary coverage.

    Get more information on these insurance plans by visiting or call American Insurance Administrators at 800-922-1245 weekdays, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Eastern Time.

    For a quote from Liberty Mutual, click here.


    AlumniAnnuity® Fixed Annuity Savings Plan

    – A Featured Benefit for Alumni

    AlumniAnnuity offers two types of retirement savings accounts: an Individual Retirement Account (Traditional or Roth) and a Non-Qualified Tax-Deferred Annuity.

    These plans allow you to diversify your retirement savings and protect your hard-earned money with guaranteed interest rates. There is no mandatory minimum contribution and there are no administrative fees – your money stays protected.

    You can begin making contributions immediately. To get more information or to complete an enrollment form, visit the AlumniAnnuity Web site or call the AlumniAnnuity Plan Administrator, Independent Plan Coordinators, Inc., at 800-368-3515.

    AlumniAnnuity is part of our Alumni Insurance Program.


    Travel Programs and Travel Insurance

    Find out more about exciting and educational trips now being offered. In addition, check out our Travel Insurance program for alumni.

    University Store

    The University Store is located in the Multipurpose Activity Center. Check the store Web site for Alumni Merchandise. Show your alumni identification card to receive a special 10% discount on all imprinted merchandise. Request an i.d. card from the Office of Alumni Relations at 732-571-3489 or 800-531-ALUM or fill out the online information form.

    Weddings and Wedding Photos

    Upon pre-approval by the Conference Services and Special Events Department (732-571-3473), affiliates of the University may have small wedding ceremonies in the Chapel and Erlanger Garden at Wilson Hall and also in the Monmouth University Library Garden; in addition, the grounds are available, with pre-approval, for wedding pictures.